Q: Why did you choose Slimming World over Weight Watchers?

A: Simple. I like to eat. Liking eating is what got me into trouble in the first place, but I find that if I can re-apply my bad eating habits and point them in the direction of Slimming World free foods, I get great losses! Also, I find that Weight Watchers teaches you how to ‘cheat’ on a diet. I have friends who will starve themselves all day on WW so that they can have fish ‘n’ chips or lots of cake at night. That’s not a way of eating you can sustain for life really, is it?

Q: How much weight have you lost so far?

A: Just over 9 stone. The first couple of stone were with general ‘cutting back’ and I used to do a month of Weight Watchers and a month of Slimming World by myself. I did that for about 6 months before getting sick of it.

Q: How long did it take you to lose that?

A: The first 3-4 stone came off really quite quickly. Then I decided I was going to do Slimming World alone, losing a further 5 stone in a year with healthy eating and exercise playing a part but now I’m nearing the finish line I really need additional motivation so I have joined a class to help me along, and started a blog so I know I can’t cheat. If I do cheat, I’ll admit it and post about it, so there’s no excuses.

Q: What exercise do you do?

A: At the moment, not very much. However, I would highly recommend Davina McCall’s workout DVDs if you can’t get to a gym. When I do get time to attend the gym, my weapons of choice are the exercise bike, the treadmill and the rowing machine. Plus swimming and aqua aerobics. Occasionally my friend Lou and my brother will take me for a good coupleof miles stomp around the park.

Q: How did you get to be so big?

A: I could go on and on here about how my life sucked and the deaths of various family members combined with never getting to be the editor of Smash Hits and having scumbag boyfriends who cheated on me, but really, honestly, the only reason I got to be as big as I was, was because I ate far too much, far too often.

Q: What’s your biggest food vice?

A: Oh my goodness… I’m more of a savoury than a sweet person, but saying that, it would have to be KFC, closely followed by chocolate cake. Not so much chocolate on it’s own, but chocolate cake and lots of it, with cream. And Pringles… and Chinese char siu curry with fried rice and BBQ spare ribs. And XL bacon double cheeseburgers with fries from Burger King. And fish and chips with loads of mushy peas, salad cream and bread-and-butter… and… yeah. Fat foods. You can also use this answer to answer the previous question…

Q: What are your favourite Slimming World meals?

A: Roast dinners, full English breakfasts, bacon sandwiches on white Nimble bread, cheese on toast, slow cooker stews, egg fried rice, burgers and chips, lamb shanks in redcurrant gravy with mash, spag bol, rice pudding… no I haven’t gotten my answers mixed up, you really CAN eat all this on Slimming World.

Q: What’s the key to Slimming World success?

A: The only answer to this is: to STICK to it. If you stick to the plan, don’t kid yourself you’re doing it when in fact you’re only half arsing it, it WILL work. Avoid diet boredom by not getting stuck in a rut. Having Weetabix for breakfast followed by jacket potato for lunch every day will help you lose weight but could also be the key to your downfall. Experiment with free foods, indulge in some recipes, try at least one new thing each week and you’ll never get bored with this plan.

Q: I really really REALLY wanted chips/burgers/Chinese/cake last night, so I had it. Am I going to hell?

A: Don’t be silly, get right back on the plan and start losing weight again. The beauty of this plan is that the occasional slip up and treat won’t really do you much damage, and if it does, you’re fully equipped with all the instructions on how to make amends – you’ll be forgiven your syns if you get right back on the righteous path, heh! (I bet you never thought of a diet plan as a religious allegory, didya?)

Q: Can you give me this week’s password? I forgot to get mine from group.

A: Nope, sorry. Please text your consultant, they will be more than happy to supply you with the password.



  1. I cant seem to comment on your Blog for some reason!Prob just me being computer-illiterate so will leave you one hear instead!
    Just wanted to wish you luck with your week ahead..!
    I just had a week of naughtyness.. Thursday night -kFC binge
    Friday night-curry and cider
    Saturday night- Dominos bottle of rose and too many cocktails (they had fresh rasberries in though…so i guess thats free?!) haha..
    But yes I am regreting it when i stood on the scales this morning!
    so vicky DONT DO IT!
    Plan your meals… Take a pack lunch to to football and be proud!
    yes you might get laughed at BUT you’ll be having the last laugh when you bound up to the scales in excitment by the end of the week..
    and instead of kfc make a lovely hunters chicken thing of the minimins forum its lush and maybe even as tasty as the kfc bbq boxmaster!

    OR new idea make you and your OH a SWC (Slimming world Chicken) do slimming world chips bbq chicken corn on the cob and extra extra light mayo!
    yum yum yum…!
    Good luck lovely

  2. http://bambionadiet.blogspot.com/
    been inspired by you my love!

  3. Oh wow hun you look great! Keep it up! I will add your blog to my bloglist – for some reason I am having the same problem as you re posting comments – weird! I can’t post a comment on your post but needless to say – stay away from the cookies if you can’t have just one! He he he.

    Good luck hun xxx

  4. Oh no our blog’s must like each other thats why we cant comment!
    Thanks for the tip re too much of a good thing.. will be hitting up the health shop for some green tea tomorrow!!

  5. hey there!
    okay – blogdistributor – any more insight as I’m in the same boat as you were
    2ndly, how u fancy me linking to you via my food blog (1/3), saw ya pics… uurrggghhh!!!!
    lemme know, I’m a good guy btw!
    ps cant resist but to mention u r indeed grrr!!!

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