About Me

I’m Vicky, a former music journo, current PR copywriter hailing from Liverpool.  I used to live in Brum, hence the title ‘9.20 from New Street’, but have re-adapted this blog to suit another purpose.

Through the power and wonderfulness that is Slimming World I have managed to shed a whole bunch of El Bees.  However, things have stalled somewhat.  Got a boyfriend, got made redundant, moved back home to Liverpool from Birmingham, enjoyed being taken out and wined and dined a little too much has put a few El Bees back on. 

So now, with a little help from my friends and rellies, i’m getting back on the final furlong. Sometimes it may be hard, sometimes I may fall off the wagon, but if I have this little piece of cyberspace to keep me focussed, plus some/any readers and commentators along the way pushing me on, I think i’ll do fine.

A size 12 proper girly-girl dress paid for by me dad says I can do it!

Feel free to join me…



  1. Hi,
    omg, your blog is soooo funny, was gonna go down, get a snack, sit and read all your pages, until the warning about “tubgirl”, come on! you know, when people say”don’t”?, well, i did, i can thank you now that i cannot have a dinner tonight. I think i will lose at least a lb tonight!hehe.anyway, keep up the good blog!

  2. Great blog 🙂 I just joined SW again today. Will be back to your blog for sure 🙂

  3. Hiya, this is Joanne24 from mini mins just thought I would let you know i love your site and ive linked you on my slimming blog x

  4. Thanks for your nice comments all!

    Joanne i’m linking your blog to mine too, yours is so prettyful! I need to pretty mine up a bit I think xxx

  5. Hey hunni, saw you had commented on my kingdom slim blog, hadn’t used it for a while but am back on slimming world now after a holiday that was nice but would have been nicer if I had been slimmer.

    I have moved my blog over to wordpress, but I am a bit confused lol – if you can help at all please do as i’m not very techy with blogs at all and yours is brilliant. 🙂 x

  6. Hey hun I would love to help you, what do you need help with? Let me know your new blog url too so I can link to it and keep up with you and what you’re doing! 😀 xxx

  7. Hiya Vixx!! Finally made one of these after trying so hard to get used to it!! Love reading yours so thought i’d give it a go ahaha xxx

    • Oh babe am so made up! Welcome to the blogosphere!! I shall be reading you most intently! xxx

  8. Hey you!
    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve changed my blog address from: feelingstylish.wordpress.com to

    I’ll link to you on the new site!

    • HEy hun, looks ace! Like a proper webmag! This is what I want eventually, if and when I can get round to it.

  9. Sexy as hell isn’t it. It was a pain to get up and running but it’s there now!

    • Yeah it’s dead good! Updated your link too so visitors who click will get to it! xx

  10. First week on SW…seen a few recipe pics on Mini mins and just wanna say Hi! ive loved reading what ive read so far 🙂 x

  11. Hey Joolz welcome! Thanks for reading and good luck with your weight loss journey! xx

  12. Hiya!
    Great blog! It’s keeping me well entertained whilst I’m tryin to avoid doing any work!!! haha! Keep up the good work, O Diet Guru!!!


    • Haha brilliant! Will do my best xx

  13. Hi ya, found your blog on the facebook group so just reading through. (should be working… ) sounds extremely like myself 🙂 Im half on and half off it all the time, but log all calories online, so well within my calorie allowance aswell even if i have over synned lol

    I joined sw about 5 weeks ago, so far 6and a half pounds down.. will I make it to my first half stone next Monday! I hope so! Will take note of you blog, as you have some great tips! 🙂
    the cupcakes have intrigued me so may check this out, but im one to eat them all if i make them.

    • Hi Becki

      Congrats for joining Slimming World and hem hem I *am* on plan (for the most part!) 😉

      Good luck for your half stone. I’m 10 weeks in, and 1 stone 2.5lbs lighter, hoping to get another stone in before Christmas! Lets see if we can do it, eh?!

  14. hi i love your blog thinks it now on my favourites list love what you said about vic beckham sooo true, cant wait till your next entry but until then i will chat to you through minimins oh i have jumped on the white nimble train ,love it .xxx

  15. hey vicky lovin blog cant wait till the next entry xxx

  16. Hi, i saw your comments on Hanbury Vale Southern Fried Chicken breasts. I personally had a terrible experience with them, reported them to Trading Standards as they ignored my letter regarding their “Satisfaction Guarantee” and was informed they’ve probably committed a Criminal Offence.

    • Hi Dean, I think that counts as ‘libel’ unless you say what your experience was and how they’ve flouted their ‘satisfaction guarantee’. If you can elaborate, that would be great, thanks!

    • And PS, either somehow you know I’m the world’s biggest Back to the Future fan, or it’s just an amazing coincidence!! Very very jealous of your photo with Fantastic Mr Fox!!

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